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Candidates may university exam twice a year

Each year, the school enrollment targets or college held a regular twice admissions, MOET will be specified enrollment period.

MOET has issued the regulation text incorporated entrance exams or college system of government. Accordingly, schools are free to determine the number of admissions during the year (once or twice) by the method of entrance exams, admission, or combination of examinations and admissions.

The school held its own admission implementation of autonomy and self-responsibility for student recruitment. Specifically, building self-enrollment scheme, the principal is responsible for implementing the stages of the exam, organize examinations, examiners (if any); Admission and Matriculation summoned contestants; addressing complaints and denunciations related to enrollment.

Ministry of Education emphasized test results of candidates into the organization own admission is valid only for admission to the school, not valid for admission to another school. However, the school held its own admission can combine admissions exam candidates overall results meet the quality assurance criteria input by Ministry regulations. The school can organize a private entrance for some parts department and agencies.

General university entrance exam will be maintained until the Ministry of Education in 2016 that all the general contest will be held MOET organization compiling the entrance exam. Director of the university, academy, college Principal, College held responsible reproduce, package exam (if assigned by the Minister), storage, distribution, use exam questions. ..

Entrance hall with industry skills, cultural arts contest under exam by the Ministry of Education, and the goal gifted by the organizations responsible for the implementation and execution stages of the judging subject.

The school is used by organizations admissions according to the results of the general exam candidates with mass execution in the areas of recruitment rules for admission. School principals responsible for implementing the admission and matriculation convocation contestants.

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