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These recipes harmful to health

Cooking methods can cause unhealthy food poisoning, weight gain and does not provide adequate nutrients needed for the body.

Sometimes, all the nutrients and minerals needed for the body is lost in the cooking process. You should avoid the following cooking methods harmful to health.

Frying oil is one of the most unhealthy cooking. You should avoid fried foods because submerged oil increases the saturated fat content of foods. Fried food is the main reason for weight gain and increased cholesterol. Also, if you eat fried foods outside the store, frying oils that they really unreliable, can cause stomach infections. If forced to use this method of cooking, be sure to use a paper towel to sop up the oil from food.

charcoal grill

Barbecue food is very tasty. But the smoke using charcoal to cook food can be harmful to health. Coal smoke can cause cancer and respiratory diseases. So, you can substitute grilled with electric grill. This method is also environmentally friendly because coal smoke causing air pollution.

Avoid using plastic containers or plastic wrap to cook food in the microwave. The plastic box also contains carcinogens that may cause harm to your health. Do not directly heat the plastic box when the lid. This is a processed food unhealthy.

wash vegetables

Leaf vegetables where accumulated a lot of dirt and chemicals, so vegetables should be washed before you move. If your vegetables before washing, minerals and nutrients are lost significant. Similarly, try not to throw the peel vegetables and fruits such as apples, potatoes ... because their shell contains a lot of nutrients.

Stir fry food

Stir Fried food is not cooking methods like frying healthy. Stir Fried foods and saturated fats increase cholesterol. Eating regular food frying are not good for health.

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