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Tet wellness advice of Hai Thuong Lan Ong

Talking about human health, Hai Thuong Lan Ong identified: mental and physical condition is always the event will enjoy life outside of 100 18th century, Hai Thuong Lan Ong has compiled the knowledge base the health of the common people:

1. human physiological need moderation, relaxed because:

Anger too will limit interference

Glad too bad mind

Sad worry too hazardous waste

Fears over kidney damage

Thinking too bad spleen.

2 On eating:

Food hygiene first

Recommends eating protein bars, diet advice bold concentration

The food used to be about.

Eat more aerosolize, said the new room or

The salty, warm, bitter, spicy

Eat plenty wrong with such disease that

Hazardous waste more bitter, dry skin

Salty many cold heart, blood momentum to stop

The withdrawal process can sour ribs

Over spicy meat bottles, lip curling spleen damage

Sweet will not help much

Pi chen weak kidneys, bone numbing, hair barren ".

"Just as long as the seasoning spices

Whenever the temperatures do not forget to avoid eating apples "

"For the five organs are still

Eat less fast pieces crave more pain

You shall eat no shampoo "

"Discussion of betel alcohol drug

Each user to set preferences rather funny friends ".

Eat right, the right way will make you long life and good work ethic

He broke up smoking for:

"Smoke on the busy fire halitosis

Dry throat, dry lungs, sputum volume, cough born

Gas consumption dropped such grave doubt

Cancer, the lymph nodes, the risk of one day.

More harm beneficial rather less clear. "

What about drinking alcohol?

When drinking alcohol:

"Alcohol concentration temper and tear gas

Acidity, sweet or unusual position.

Drinking ears flushed

Mental vibration, shocking speech

Positive Intensity, winning by Dom costs

But sometimes harmful drinking:

"Wine drunk mental confusion

Makes people do wrong, do need two instead ... "

"Say more vomiting, a sudden fall in love

Mind can cook up a bottle

Headache blood breathing, throat swelling, blurred vision

Variable Air birth rates, cancer

Residues of failure, crisis center, dry liver, yellow skin

General Order low heat for a long time

Should know the system, the software style ribs ".

In a nutshell:

"Alcohol wear vim". Hai Thuong Lan Ong recommended to back medicated wine, liquor soaked drugs, ... Drink it can be good for health but many will be very harmful drinking.

With compassion, Hai Thuong Lan Ong always "Expect no medical life". There are many preventive measures, but so close as the dining and living less attention.

Chinese New Year in sight, but fun is important we pay attention to health from eating. A healthy body is the body does not have the disease.

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