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Poor grandparents raising twins into college valedictorian

Her father died early, strive mother working away, brother Nguyen Ngoc Hoa, Nguyen Phuong Nam (Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi) raised by his loving grandmother.

The house's two valedictorians nestled in a small alley, old mossy walls in villages Liu Dong, Phu Tuc. Over the past 30 years, a mere 20 m2 accommodation is not nothing but wings change window replacement in 2008 because of the rot. How much of the wealth, health center, said Nguyen Ngoc Giao and Ta Thi Tan devote to raising children to school.

Nguyen Ngoc Hoa twins become valedictorian Hanoi Architectural University with 26 points (Math: 8.75; Ly 8; Chemistry: 9) and Nguyen Phuong Nam was 27.5 points (Math: 9; reason: 9 , Chemistry: 9.5) achieved valedictorian of Natural Sciences, University of Hanoi. You assign the matter, the two brothers knew the scores reported by classmates, but the computer does not have to watch. Children can learn quite know but he just wanted Hoa and Nam to college, do not expect the brothers to win the valedictorian position.

From small, Hoa and Nam had the same parents trailing everywhere, from Hanoi to Saigon, then back up the Dak Lak. Three years, two brothers were sent to care for his grandparents with his sister Nguyen Thi Huong Dung. This time, she even had a student last year Hanoi Architectural University.

The couple have a son working away, how much he loves her for all the grandson. He and his wife are both teachers assign Math Level 2 to teach me very carefully. Regularly every morning, he assign to the class, took her older sister to school. Two brothers were after her grandmother passes away, as sometimes chirping birdies on his old bike she has been since 1980.

Level 2, Hoa and Nam brothers started a bike to class. The home has two car pile ways, while the Hoa Nam pedal after driving the car sitting there. "To miss one second of the car he damaged bike, I took another and still carrying on the" Hoa explained. So, pairs of grandparents car pile parameters within upheld two brothers to school. When two high school brothers in Dong Guan, Mr assign each child shopping for an old bike. Distance from home to school, but only 7 km potholed roads, so the car itself riddled Buffalo drive tubes, damaged tires constantly. Many times the car down the road, dark new brothers were home.

Since you Hoa, Vietnam was a kid, his grandfather Math formulas written on the door to the children sitting everywhere visible. Photo: Hoang Phuong.

There is no fixed desks, two brothers sat around mobile learning. Seating favorite of both is under shady trees pearl finish. "This tree planted by his grandfather, childhood growing up with us. Each summer afternoon or a cool breeze and bright moon night, we were sitting cramming, reading, playing chess under the trees. On the wall, his grandfather also wrote "Losing him is not by a thousand less you half a glass" to encouraging both children trying to learn ", the brothers said.

Mr. Giao write mathematical formulas on the door and see where to sit. He himself close to her bookshelf from the excess wood. Window next to the bed frame of two valedictorians also be utilized for filling the faded books, mostly on the talent of Vietnamese land as Le Quy Don, Nguyen Binh Khiem, Cao Ba Quat ... that every when free, to be his brother encouraged her to read.

Hoa Nam math a little more flashy. Many of the exercises while sitting, you often argue that his grandfather had to referee. During 12 years of study, Hoa and Nam took turns holding the first or second grade achievement. These panels certificates and certificate of achievement highlights two brothers on old limestone walls. In addition to the academic calendar, are both still living in moderation. Nam said that morning never to sleep in the gym to get up, eat breakfast before coming to school. Evening school is not too late, go to bed before 12 midnight.

Since her retirement home care, he and his wife often assign shrimp baskets to sell to earn extra income. In poor health for several years so he would leave her. Money for school children based primarily on the amount of pension and employment law at the far post to help a little girl. "You learn it, teachers at the school did not take the money," he said Communications. In the neighborhood, two popular kid docile, loving the neighbor.

South inherited from his grandfather passion, love should choose to take the baby Mathematics from the Mathematics Department of the University of Natural Sciences. You want to have time to study deeply and dream later taught mathematics. Hoa quiet, like drawing capital from baby to choose the implementation architecture. Initially, they both intend to implement in the military, but because of heavy access to it. Twins choose to take additional block B, Civil Military Medical Academy and scored quite high.

"I had two dreams together in parallel. If architecture school will become a very good architect, he designed for her a little house alone but nicer home now. If you pass both cases, the chose to study medicine because the family should have a doctor, "Hoa said sheepishly.

Depths of 18-year-old boy's desire for health care for the entire family. My dad died of cancer when two brothers from my mom in grade 9 that more must strive, work hard to earn money to support children.

Tran Thi Pandan, mother of two valedictorians, said also wants to close, care, watching over every step I grow up, but for a living so they would be away. College entrance exam, she enlisted the finish goes right. Two peas news valedictorian graduate, celebrate half a heart half worried mother. Glad the two brothers-education regardless of grandparents, regardless of his parents expectations. Lo for coming to school, carrying on their shoulders will also weigh more.

"Achieving valedictorian is just the beginning, and to get an education, get a job out of school concerned. Huong Dung's sister will have to replace both the mother and care for the children while studying away from home. Each family member tries to it will take a bit of orange hybrid format ", the grandfather of two sitting valedictorian calculated mentally.

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