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Valedictorian block C revealed the secret college exam

"In Literature Essays, written clearly enough attention is the most important criteria. Intertwined The comments of the authors and famous dictum use, illustrated poems will make a good impression with the reader."

Before college entrance exam is approaching, valedictorian block C peak in the country in 2013 - Dinh Thi Le Thu (27.5 points, college students Hanoi Teacher) share some prep skills for Graduate death.

Thu said that, with the goal block C (Literature, History, Geography) whether the candidate of the center of the refresher combines self-study is required to consolidate knowledge. No matter how much a day to learn English but is learning how to be effective at least. The female body valedictorian chooses to revise the early morning quiet and mind are relaxed, receptive, memorize facts. The sleep late and get up early to study for tests, according to income is difficult to avoid the inevitable. Female valedictorian suggest that, despite how much homework, the concerned candidate should also keep good health during such course and take the exam.

Dinh Thi Le Thu, valedictorian block C peak in the country in 2013 (27.5 points), female students Hanoi Teacher college. Photo: nvcc.

When reviewing History, many people think is just memorizing, Thu did not agree with that opinion. According to female valedictorian, if only rote without thinking, difficulty candidate will receive for the amount of knowledge a tremendous history.

Do not know if the exam thinking manipulate, compare event also difficult to achieve a high score. When reviewing this subject, in addition to grasp basic knowledge in textbooks (SGK), Autumn also read more about the book question-and-answer raising. This female students divided into historical periods to study for clarity, confusion assistance. Part of world history are more likely to get the most points should Thu advise prospective scholars firmly to earn all 3 points. With methods such review, the former girls gifted Nguyen Trai (Hai Duong) Dinh Thi Le Thu scores were 9.5 History University.

With Geography, Thu choose the learning style tiles and solve each problem from easy to difficult to achieve the most points. Along with the use of knowledge in textbooks, Autumn always get more of the actual evidence for lively post.

In any Geography exam has questions about the skill chart, scheme. Female valedictorian ever reached 9.25 points in university exam advice that the most important thing is to identify candidate must be drawn schematically. "Domain diagram generally showing the structural shift over the years; pie chart showing the change in the structure up to 3 years; graph lines showing growth, combined chart shows 2 different objects on the unit ... ", repeating Thu histogram or disseminate in all competitions.

Noted female valedictorian candidate must record: name tables, charts and name clearly annotated.

The learning resource block C valedictorian advice should consult:

- Literature Book: Binh lecture literature 11, 12; Read-out text 12; Documents outline 11, 12; Classification methods essay Discourse 12; Teaching and learning social discourse ...

- Book of History: The history test questions 12.

In language arts, in addition to grasp knowledge in textbooks, Thu advise candidates to read reference books to get the "Sayings" and learn their styles of writing. Tracking news, read newspapers, books "Seeds of the Soul" will help more in the article cited.

2014, subject Philological structure change, extra parts included reading and literary discourse in the social discourse. This is what makes many worried candidate. Female valedictorian block C peak in the country for that matter any structural problem, the most important thing is written clearly enough attention.

In the dissertation, Thu recommend the candidate understand the characteristics of each form to find common ground, and integrate separate points, so that the most logical post. Open all possible by directly or indirectly through poetry, music, life ... My story needs to solve all of the problem requires clear and detailed evidence, best evidence from real life . The article should use poetry or meaningful sentences to save the reader the impression. "Interwoven comments of the authors and famous dictum use, illustrated poems will make a good impression with the reader, help ease post high scores, "Thu said.

After receiving the exam the first female valedictorian is the underlining block C as subject keywords, brick attention to draft (about 5-7p) then begin presenting at all. The clearly written arguments, arguments, focused writing, scientific presentation, clean ... is something very important in exam block C.

Winning Formula examinations of female university valedictorian block C peak in the country are: "Hardworking - creation - calm".

"I'm just like you. Could I become valedictorian, you can also., Just hard, determine what you want, need and calmly, wisely pursued, certain successful come with you, "confessed.

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